Tuesday, April 1, 2014

We Will Lose the Story of US

Common Core standards rely nearly 100 percent on informational text versus historical text or classical literature. As one with a minor in history (emphasis on Louisiana history and the south in general) and one whose family roots run as far back as the 1700's when my ancestor, Henri Louis Ranson, became attorney general of Spanish Louisiana, I have to wonder how much Louisiana history will be contained in informational text. 

For decades, we have prided ourselves on our unique culture. We have spent billions of dollars on tourism ads and marketing our unique culture to the world. Our 8th graders have spent most of their year studying Louisiana history. It was a lesson most kids looked forward to as it involved field trips to the capitol, Avery Island, plantation homes, swamp tours, etc.

What is going to happen to all of that under Common Core? Even if one ceases to call it Common Core, workforce development and training do not take our culture into account.

The Common Core standards, or whatever they will end up being called, do not leave room for Louisiana history. Will our children cease to learn about Le Grand Dérangement? What about Hernando Desoto, the Louisiana Purchase, the numerous contributions Louisianians have made to the world, such as jazz?

Again, like it or not, teachers WILL teach to the test as their jobs, their livelihoods depend on their students scoring well; teachers will not spend time teaching materials that are NOT on the test. Pretty sure the national assessment tests will not ask about Evangeline or what took place at the Battle of New Orleans.

We are unique. Our culture, our people, our way of life are like no other in the world. Why do we want to educate our children to be like everyone else? Our children need to be proud of their exceptional heritage and proud of where they came from.

How can our children appreciate anything of Louisiana history if they are not going to be taught about it?

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